Our Values

Natural Dye

We only use natural dyes in our dyeing process, removing chemicals and pollutants that can harm people and the environment from the production cycle.


We are committed to transparency in our processes. From materials sourcing, local partnerships, and involvement withvarious communities, we believe that brands should be accountable to their business.


We provide a platform for young designers to connect with indigenous weaving communities to nurture and strengthen local talent in producing beautiful and high-quality clothes.

About Us

We believe that clothing should be guilt-free. Expressing yourself need not be at the expense of the natural world and its people. The world may be fast moving, but some things are better left slow. They say you are what you eat, we say you are what you wear.


What we believe
Ethical Fashion

We believe in slow living, including what we wear. That means taking the time to create, to do, to make. Our values revolve around sustainability and non-exploitative fashion.