Cita Woven Outer Short
Cita Woven Outer Short
Cita Woven Outer Short

Cita Woven Outer Short

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Committed to maintaining the cycle of the environment, culture, and local artisans in order to create an economic cycle that can continue to grow (sustainable). Our goal is to produce sustainable fashion that elevates ethnic and cultural values.



"A light that gives hope”

SINDAR means “ray” in the Batak language, a collection inspired by “the light of the sun”. SINDAR brings light to give back a sense of awakening.

The motifs in the Sindar Collection are inspired by the “gorga” house by taking the essence of the “Gorga Simata ni ari” and “Gorga Sitagan” patterns which reflecting on how we help each other through this pandemic and be kind. You can be that light that gives hope to people around you.



Fitting loose outerwear with kimono style, suitably used for daily activities outside and inside the home. A casual style with embroidered accents, combined with handmade woven and naturally dyed.


Ethically #MadeByCaringHands 


“Gorga Simata ni ari” and “Gorga Sitagan” motif I Inspired by Gorga House

Threads I 100% Cotton I Majalaya

Natural Dye Mahogany I Yogyakarta

Handmade Woven I Sukamanah Village, Majalaya


Fabric I Handmade Woven, 40% Tencel, 60% Cotton

Sew up by local in Bandung

Packaging I Cassava Bag 



S / M : Chest Width 58 cm x Shoulder Width 54 cm x Body Length 59 cm

L / XL : Chest Width 62 cm x Shoulder Width 58 cm x Body Length 61 cm

XXL : Chest Width 66 cm x Shoulder Width 62 cm x Body Length 63 cm

100% Natural Pigments

Happy Skin

Our natural dyeing process ensures all of the pigments used in our clothes are natural and friendly to the skin, without any harmful chemicals that could damage the body.

Happy Environment

Each step of our natural dyeing process only uses clean materials and methods and prevents waste and pollutants from entering and contaminating the environment.

The Process

Wearing and celebrating beautiful colors and patterns should not come at the cost of contaminating our beautiful environment. Our unique process eliminates the use of petrochemical dyes, as well as genetically modified and corporation-patented seeds in the cotton farming cycle. We only use 100% natural dyes, clean water, and a biodegradable enzyme wash in dyeing and finishing our organic cotton products.

Our Threaders

Support Local Community

We work closely and collaboratively with indigenous threader communities to develop strong relationships, empower their lives, and nurture their talent and skill, so that we can all enjoy and celebrate the beauty of Tenun products and patterns.